Angelo aprilethe angel traveler

I started to use the camera when i was 16 I used to borrow my father’s old voiglander with a 50mm lens. Because of high cost of color film,my photographs were always black and white…. I did not have specific subject preferences, so I took pictures of anythingmy eyes could cut from reality.

My dark room was installed in my parents’ bedroom bathroom. When they were asleep I journeyed into a fable world, the dark room’s magic world. I always found black and white photographs irresistible. I believe this “addiction" is due to the simplicity.

Narranting movements, bodies feelings through the black and white simplicity has been a source of curiosity and search for me.

Today , I have the nice collaborate with Radio Sherwood of Padova Italy. With the team of radio Sherwood I divide a lot fantastic experience of life. every day, they help me, a to cut the reality with my camera, and to think another possible world.